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'Maitland, poor man, you're marrooned here like Crusoe -

if you don't look out you'll be beached here forever'

Concrete Island (1974)

Our protagonist awakes to find themselves in an unfamiliar and oppressive urban landscape. Disorientated by indecipherable towers and tunnels, she delves into this looming architectonic maze.


Written by the psychogeography novelist Gareth Rees, Betwixt is a commissioned poem expressing the thoughts of an unnamed narrator as she moves through new environments. The series of 360° vignettes are a visual collaboration with Satu Viljanen which respond to the prose and create immersive environments for the viewer. Continuing to develop my Real VR technique, these visions are inspired by the writer J.G.Ballard, Brutalist architecture and the 2017 film, Blade Runner 2049. Produced with junk found in the street, pound shop paraphernalia and cheap sheet materials this film and project blurs the boundaries between physical and digital experiences for the VR headset.

Below is a video clip of one environment which you can click and drag to look around on a computer or swipe/ move the device to explore on a mobile device. For best results on a desktop, set the setting icon to 5k resolution on the timeline.

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