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“Here light is the artist’s sole medium of expression. He must mould it by optical means, almost as a sculptor models clay."

Thomas Wilfred

'The art of light, or Lumia as it is sometimes called uses light itself as its medium and combines colour form and motion to create an independent art form' begins Patricia Marx’s interview with the artist Thomas Wilfred just before his death in 1968. My interpretation of Lumia takes these principles to develop my own instrument and techniques to create light experiences for the viewer wearing a VR headset.


This short project features a 1.2 metre kaleidoscope built at home with a projector firing visuals in from either end and 360° camera in the centre to create photographs you see here without any post-production. An exercise in producing content with an emphasis on immersion including the peripheral vision, this simple structure soon opens up possibilities as a tool for moments of improvisation. The images entering the kaleidoscope can be disrupted and sculpted with the addition of new materials including the body to create a performance element. The camera and projectors are then intentionally misused to break down the digital information producing new content as a result.

A proposal for a more complex structure and moving image is in development for an exhibit that combines tool, installation and experience for visitors within a gallery, museum or commercial setting.


Below is a 360° image: to look around, click and drag on a desktop or swipe on a mobile device.

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