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Virtual Gallery WIP:

Papercut Gallery is a tool, system and service enabling clients to showcase work in an interactive online setting. This can be useful when designing a virtual exhibition due to Covid restrictions, or in addition to a physical show to reach a wider audience.

Typically a Virtual Gallery is created with two approaches: either a camera/scanner records a real space with exhibits in situ, or everything is generated as 3D assets with software. PaperCut Gallery is situated as a potential alternative, as environments are built using modelmaking techniques and the Real VR approach developed at the RCA. This emphasis on incorporating real materials into a digital platform creates believable spaces, with real objects and lighting whilst the software enables visitors to explore and interact with the exhibits.

The short film below illustrates the process and application of the project and the examples you see here are early tests, fidelity will increase in the near future. The tools, system, method and cost structure are being developed, and are close to being ready for live shows. Please enquire for more details.

360° Test:

Click and drag to look around this gallery using found images.

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