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'There's No Time Like The Present'

Fridge Magnet Proverb

Remote Control is a distance learning art project created during and in response to the first UK Covid lockdown in March this year. Its aim was to encourage creativity in others using their smart phone as the only tool.

Utilising photogrammetry, we developed a methodology how to create imperfect and striking 3D portraits and still lifes. Instructions were compiled and sent to friends in the UK and abroad to try this technique for themselves, where the primary rule required all tests must take place indoors and during the lockdown period.

The results are haunting time capsules to record and express this unique moment in history. The mundane details captured give a glimpse into others’ existence: the washing up piled in the kitchen, family photos and books on the shelves, the part finished DIY project. This collaboration with Satu Viljanen is an ongoing project, the work completed so far will form the basis for workshops with schools, universities and museums in the future.​ 


Below is a 3D model of one test to inspect from Sketchfab: click the 'Play' icon and then click and drag to rotate the model, zoom in or pan across

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