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Film Apparatus meets Installation Experience

The title of this project refers to two things: Thomas Edison’s first film studio and the slang term for police transport vehicles. Black Maria is a wearable headset with five monitors, each with a separate feed that create a video installation for an audience of one. Initially developed as a result of experimentation and research into perceptual cells and environments, this wearable architecture creates a sizeable experience within small confines. Intended to situate between VR/360° and traditional Cinema, this piece functions as a tool for filmmakers to express ideas and tell stories from multiple perspectives. The physical object is built using handmade furniture techniques, it’s structure helping to isolate the viewer, it's weight concentrates their focus and the form factor transforms the individual into part performer to onlookers outside.

The structure is a collaboration with the artist Satu Viljanen and the video content produced by filmmaker Fraser Watson.

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